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The journey towards financial prosperity starts with proper education, guidance and discipline.  We encourage our clients to treat their finances like a successful business by taking advice from professionals and also being engaged in the process. Client and Advisor Success becomes a partnership and winning together is the goal.

Our Mission is to help create empowering financial end goals while protecting and improving your lifestyle.  Our Transition Wealth Advisors educate in eliminating bad debt, cash management tools and offering industry leading savings and investing options.

Working with us begins with a free consultation call. In this call, we will discuss your financial obligations, current situation and goals. At that point, we will work together to determine which tools provide the best fit for you to achieve your short and long term goals, and then begin work to implement them.






Owner and Wealth Advisor

More than 25 years ago, I emigrated from Mexico, to Canada, after completing my certification as a Professional Engineer. For years, I climbed the corporate ladder - working from technical positions to a senior leadership role as Program Manager at a well-respected companies. 

When going thru major life transitions, being out of work, and going thru divorce, things change for me, I felt lost, overwhelmed and uneasy about my next steps. I felt I should have known better. That’s when I decided to take control.

Over the next few years, I pursued training and qualifications in financial services and wealth management. Although I was still facing a transition. I now had the knowledge to make better decisions for myself. I created and stayed on-budget and had enough security to feel stable. I knew how to manage and plan for my own financial success with greater clarity and confidence. I had become my own first client, implementing my own plan.

Over the years, I have come to realize that planning for the future is not only a financial endeavour. It takes personal growth and development, a keen sense of awareness, a willingness to learn and adjust with small changes and most importantly, a commitment to meet your goals. I am passionate to share my story and what I’ve learned in order to empower other people to grow. I enjoy educating my clients at Transition Wealth Advisors about the countless ways they can ensure their financial success, especially during times of transition and unexpected change.

Having personally journeyed from success through job loss, divorce, near-bankruptcy and back to a place of security and success, I know firsthand how vulnerable and challenging it can be to face financial transitions.

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John Basler


Owner of HWR Planning

My story in business begins more than a decade earlier as young adult with a young son and lots of financial responsibilities.  A similar story to a lot of hard-working Canadians.  I was working shift work with long hours trying to get ahead in life.  I remember calculating my rate of pay by the hours I could possibly work for the year, and finally by the number of years I could hopefully work in my lifetime; the final number wasn’t a number that fit the lifestyle I was hoping for, so I decided to make a change!  Starting out part time in financial services all those years ago ended up being the best decision I’ve ever made. next to marrying my wife.  Now a decade later I am blessed to own my own business and share in successes with clients and teammates.  

Life is filled with opportunity to learn, grow, and get better.  It is our responsibility to turn those lessons into positive change and better outcomes.  One life lesson I remember back in my twenties as a young basketball referee sticks with me to this day.  My partner and I were watching the game before ours started, as spectators we watched that game unfortunately spiral out of control leading to multiple ejections and the game eventually being called before the time had expired.  My partner who was more senior and more experienced in officiating leaned over and said to me, "that is unfortunate that happened because an official being in a position of power always has an opportunity to have a better outcome." That was a great lesson and something I apply in my business and personal life to this day.  We are all in a position of power to take control of our own lives to have the outcomes we desire.   Find your purpose and share it with people that appreciate your effort.

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"I always wanted to talk to someone who could help me get my financial goals in order. I know I needed to get to this part but had no clue how to or who to get? When I spoke to friends they were in the same position. Araceli was amazing no question was dumb or any thing I had did in the past could not be fixed.

I feel/know Araceli got my life in order and regained happiness to my out look on my future. Does that sound dramatic...YES... but it is true!

I now have correct insurance coverage, my budget is fair I am not in the poor house every pay week and I have a feeling of safety and freedom. I love seeing her and she keeps me in check. I will always have this lady in my back pocket she has become a friend."

Christine M (Single professional) Mississauga

I met Araceli Hernandez about 9 years ago. One of the best decisions I ever made was to meet with her about financial planning. She wasn't pushy and listened to my concerns. I appreciated her vast knowledge and expertise. Fast forward 9 years later and I'm in a very good financial situation because of Aracelli's advice. My son is also well on his way to saving for his future. I strongly believe that everyone should have a financial advisor but working with someone like Aracelli is key to making well-informed decisions.

Patrice P (Single Professional) Burlington

“I’ve worked with Araceli and feel she is the best. She works hard, knows her stuff and has integrity. She works with your budget and presents you with options that work for your situation and lifestyle. ”

Dana C (owner of three crowns studio) Mississauga

Araceli is an extremely professional, organized, passionate and caring financial professional. She goes above and beyond to get her clients the best rates, the perfect solution for their unique needs and to ensure a smooth transition for their lives and their financial matters. She is an expert Real Estate Investor with knowledge in both Canadian and US markets, and she is no stranger to creating above average returns in seemingly impossible situations.

Araceli is a lot of fun to work with and she loves to connect great people, which is why she runs our amazing Tuesday morning networking group. She has a lot of energy, she is always positive and she brings something fresh every time to ensure our members get value. Her workshops are fun, informative and packed with tips you can use to grow your net worth and improve your financial future. I love spending time with Araceli and I know you will too.

Check out one of her upcoming workshops, book her for a zoom meet and greet or see what she’s up to online. You will be impressed. Plus... if you think you are uninsurable, Araceli can almost always help. You’ve got nothing to lose to let her give you a complimentary assessment.

Hailey P. (Speaker - Author - Coach - Facilitator)

I’d like to share my experience working with Araceli regarding understanding and taking control of my financials.  Araceli is fantastic at explaining how financials work and helped me to better understand and take control of my financials at a difficult time when going through a life-stage transition.  Araceli teaches in a very supportive way, she's so friendly, not pushy or salesy, she is a wealth of information.  I am a big fan of her video tutorials and I think she's a great resource. I hope you have a great experience with her as well.

Bonnie D. (Photographer + Image Polisher)

Araceli has been my Financial Planner for less than a year, during which time I have noticed some traits that do not appear with planners in big banks. Firstly she is loyal and dedicated to her clients. She gives sound advice as she is experienced in all aspects of financial planning. She is a proactive thinker, my finances were all over the place, Araceli took the time to align them all. I work some long hours and she responds in a very timely manner be it a phone call, text message or email I am extremely pleased with the level of service that Araceli has provided to me. I do plan to recommend Araceli to my friends

Mavis M (Single professional)

I have been working with Araceli for just over 1 year now and it has absolutely changed my life. I am a professional and making great money has never been an issue for me however managing it was!

I have always known that ‘its not how much you make, its how much you save’ and sadly saving was never really a priority for me until my husband and I started a family. We then got serious and began to dabble in stocks, real estate and Seg funds always getting direction from so called “experts” but never really getting ahead.

Its was only after going through a health crisis and having to dip into our savings that I realized that we were in big trouble. My health was quickly declining and our savings was rapidly being depleted. My income took a hard hit when I got sick and I was no longer capable of providing for my family in the same capacity.

Upon meeting Araceli I was sceptical and thought she was going to be just like the other advisors I had done business with in the past. I put meeting with her off for almost a year because I was embarrassed about my situation and really believed that I was way beyond her help. I wanted to “clean things up” before I let her see the financial mess I believed I was in. What a mistake on my part!!!!!

Over the last year, Araceli has helped me look at, organize and bring light to my finances in a way that I didn’t think was possible. In this last year, since I began working with her, I have been able to pay off more than $60k of debt, increase my entire family’s life insurance, increase our savings and investments all while having a spending account that allows me to spend money without feeling guilty. Please know that all of this happened without me increasing my income, just better guidance and money management.

Now 1 year later, my finances are in order and I am on track for accumulating real wealth. I have more spending money than ever before and the best thing is my health has improved greatly. Araceli seriously saved me and I cannot thank her enough.

Dr.Nancy K. (chiropractor)

I honestly feel so blessed and lucky to have found Araceli 2 years ago at a free finance educational event she was hosting. She is so humble, understanding, brilliant, and authentic. You can instantly tell just how invested she is in your financial well-being. I feel so reassured and empowered knowing that I have someone like Araceli by my side always. Araceli has helped me re-evaluate major financial investments before I made them and I couldn't be more grateful that she had opened my eyes to seeing things realistically before I went ahead and drowned myself in major debt! I'll still be in touch with Araceli 30 years from now lol, because I know I will be that much more powerful with such an expert at my disposal. Just shoot her a message on LinkedIn; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Thank you so much Araceli!!!

Priya S. (New graduate)