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Risk Management

Managing risk financially can come in many forms - from permanent life insurance to government savings programs and living benefits. When considering coverage that’s right for you and your loved ones, a multitude of factors, including income and savings, age, health and lifestyle, are important to take into account. It can feel paralyzing to learn about the options and legal aspects, and we at Transition Wealth Advisors are here to turn that stress into empowerment.

We understand the importance of managing your risk to achieve long-term security for yourself and your family, and will work to address your individual needs. Together, we will guide you through understanding your options to set up the plan that suits you best. The first step is a free discovery call. What are you waiting for?






"I always wanted to talk to someone who could help me get my financial goals in order. I know I needed to get to this part but had no clue how to or who to get? When I spoke to friends they were in the same position. Araceli was amazing no question was dumb or any thing I had did in the past could not be fixed.

I feel/know Araceli got my life in order and regained happiness to my out look on my future. Does that sound dramatic...YES... but it is true!

I now have correct insurance coverage, my budget is fair I am not in the poor house every pay week and I have a feeling of safety and freedom. I love seeing her and she keeps me in check. I will always have this lady in my back pocket she has become a friend."

Christine M (Single professional) Mississauga

I met Araceli Hernandez about 9 years ago. One of the best decisions I ever made was to meet with her about financial planning. She wasn't pushy and listened to my concerns. I appreciated her vast knowledge and expertise. Fast forward 9 years later and I'm in a very good financial situation because of Aracelli's advice. My son is also well on his way to saving for his future. I strongly believe that everyone should have a financial advisor but working with someone like Aracelli is key to making well-informed decisions.

Patrice P (Single Professional) Burlington

“I’ve worked with Araceli and feel she is the best. She works hard, knows her stuff and has integrity. She works with your budget and presents you with options that work for your situation and lifestyle. ”

Dana C (owner of three crowns studio) Mississauga